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Advanced Nutrition

With nutrition, there is no one size fits all.  Nutrition should be a custom fit to you and your lifestyle.

Not everyone should be a vegan and not everyone should be a meat eater.

It is important to know what is right for you in all aspects of nutrition.

I will show you how to get the most out of the foods you eat.

My specialties include:

  • Personal Nutrition

Know exactly how many calories you should be consuming.
Understand the amount of macro and micro nutrients you need daily.
Gain strategies for weight loss and weight gain.

Optimizing nutrition as you age.

  • Sports Nutrition which includes:

Nutrient Timing
Nutrition for Optimal Athletic performance
Know about the right energy drinks and sport supplements.

  • Child Nutrition which includes:

Calculating energy requirements for a child’s specific age, weight and activity level.
Showing you how to get your kids  to eat certain foods.

Plus I offer Meal Plans and recipe ideas and so much more.

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