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Please fill out the following form after you have made your payment and you will be contacted shortly to set up your initial consultation.  In your initial consult, you will go over your goals, diet and plan for the week.

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Personal Training options

Cyber Training & Nutrition coaching!

No matter where you are in the world, now you can have fitness training and nutrition coaching from certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and herbalist Ayana.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up or just be healthier, this is a great way to get the support and guidance you need, even if you don't have time to leave the house.

How it works:

Sign up and within 48 hours, you will be contacted regarding your fitness and nutrition goals.  Together we will work out a fitness schedule that fits your lifestyle.   Twice a week,  you will have virtual fitness sessions via Skype, Face-time or similar.  Also once a week you will receive one on one nutrition coaching via phone or Skype.  You will also be given an extra fitness assignment once weekly.  You will have exclusive access of support times available to you to for inquires or extra motivation.

What makes this different from hiring a personal trainer  you can see in person?

What gets in the way with accomplishing your goals sometimes with an in-person personal trainer is time.  Usually you have a set time you and your trainer have come up with for the week or month.  Then something unexpected comes up and you or your trainer has to reschedule.  Holidays and vacations come up, and you have to reschedule.  Then you start to lose motivation and it becomes easier to cancel.  Most of the time you only converse with your trainer when you see them or when its time to schedule the next session. 

Also a lot of trainers don't aren't knowledgeable about diet and nutrition.  They can tell you what they've heard or what has worked for them but a lot of them have no real interest in studying nutrition.  Now this is not to blame them.  Nutrition is not a personal trainer certification requirement.  Did you know it's the same with most doctors?

I have spent over 8 years studying different styles of nutrition coaching and finds that the best method to help clients is to work closely with them and personalize a plan.  I believe that Personal training and nutrition shouldn't be "one size fits all." 

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With this program there is no need to get off tract or cancel because your schedule changed.  Even if you are on vacation, we will come up with a regimen that works where ever you are.  Plus you will have open access to your trainer!

You will still have accountability because I will check on you and follow  up. There's no cutting corners with this plan!

Change your life today!

Always consult with a qualified physician before beginning this or any fitness regimen.  Inform Ayana or anyone from The Nataki Wellness Center team of any injuries or health concerns.  The Nataki wellness Center or any of its affiliates, does not make claims to treat, cure or diagnose any disease or ailments.