Beautiful Mount Madonna!



                                                 OCTOBER 26-29-2018



Immerse yourself into a world of beauty, nature and culture!

You are meant to free to life the life you want! You deserve fulfillment! Discover how to use yoga, meditation and manifestation as a tool along with your own spirituality to design and live the life you are truly meant to live!

This is a retreat of higher consciousness, your inner path of enlightenment, letting go of your social mask, mental, emotional and physical cleansing. 

This is for the woman that is ready to stop hiding her greatness to make others comfortable. 

Mount Madonna is a beautiful, magical place that's land was once home of the Native American Ohlone Tribe.                   It is in the Santa Cruz Mountain area with beautiful views overlooking the Monterey Bay.

You will spend  4 days and 3 nights gently detoxing body from toxins while stimulating  your mind and rejuvenating your spirit as you connect with amazing women from different walks of life.  

While at Mount Madonna, pamper yourself with a massage or an Ayurvedic treatment. 

Relax in the Jacuzzi as you take in the fresh mountain air. 

Take a hike through the beautiful redwoods. 

Align and rejuvenate your body with different styles of yoga and cultural movement classes. 

Find stillness and deepen your connection with your higher-self through guided meditation.   

​Visit the Hunuman Temple. Participate in Goddess workshops!​​

Let your greatness out!







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